Who We Are? And What We Do?

Med MoU on PSC Foundation

Within the International effort to increase the Maritime Safety and the prevention of pollution and within the activities of the Euro-Med conference that was held in Barcelona 28th of November 1995, it was declared the birth of cooperation project financed by the E.C. under the umbrella of the IMO and ILO. This declaration was developed according to STCW 95 and the international community interest in activating the role of Port State Control to a proposed agreement for southern and eastern Mediterranean countries for a Port State Control System.

This agreement was prepared through two meetings the 1st was held in Tunisia 25-29 March 1996 and the 2nd in Casablanca, Morocco from 10-14 December 1996.

The Third Final Preparatory Meeting on the establishment of a PSC Agreement in the Mediterranean region took place in Valletta, Malta, from 8 to 11 July 1997, At the end of the Meeting the Mediterranean MOU on PSC was signed by the Representatives of eight Countries (Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia and Türkiye). Late 1997 the Med. MOU was signed by Lebanon, in July 1999 by Jordan and October 2023 by Croatia.

Composed of a representative of each of the Authorities that are party to the Memorandum, and meet once a year to:

  • Carry out the specific tasks assigned to it under the Memorandum.

  • Promote by all means necessary, including seminars for surveyors, the harmonization of procedures and practices relating to the inspection.

  • Develop and review guidelines for carrying out inspections under the Memorandum.

  • Develop and review procedures, including those related to the exchange of information.

  • Keep under review other matters relating to the operation and the effectiveness of the Memorandum.

  • Promote by all means necessary the harmonization of the operation and effectiveness of this Memorandum with those of similar agreements for other Regions.

  • Adopt the budget and decide the contributions of every Party to the Memorandum.

The Management Advisory Board (MAB) consists of 4 members, and the tasks of the MAB includes:

  • consideration on strategic level, including implications for the MoU Secretariat, if any, of:

  • long term and annual work programme of the Committee;

  • high level policy matters in general;

  • relations between the members states;

  • external relations with 3rd countries and other PSC regions, including technical co-operation;

  • Draft terms of reference for working groups, to be decided upon by the Committee.

  • Any other tasks if so directed by the committee or its chairman.

Med MoU on PSC Secretariat

Provided by the Maritime Authority of Egypt and its office in Alexandria - Egypt. Acting under the guidance of the Committee and within the limits of the resources made available to:

  • Prepare meetings, circulate papers and provide such assistance as may be required to enable the Committee to carry out its functions.

  • Facilitate the exchange of information between Member States and with third parties, and prepare reports as may be necessary for the purposes of the Memorandum.

  • Serve as official representative of the Med MoU on PSC for the external contacts and for cooperation with third parties.

  • Carry out such other work as may be necessary to ensure the effective operation of the Memorandum and to revise the Memorandum periodically in 5 years duration.

  • The Med MoU Secretariat was certified with ISO 9001: 2015 Certification on 10th January 2023 and it will be expire on the 9th of January 2026.


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