Med MoU on PSC Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

With a total number of 6,132 inspections performed in 2022, the inspection figures showed a significant increase of 1,144 inspections (23%) compared with the figures of 2021. And 132 Detentions recorded in 2022.The number of deficiencies recorded was 16,065 deficiencies; in 2022, this number increased by (23.2%) compared with 2021.

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Meetings schedule

Commitee Meetings

  • PSCC25: Egypt 17 - 19 October 2023
  • PSCC26: Jordan 08 - 10 October 2024

MAB Meetings

  • MAB32: Online 13 March 2024
  • MAB33: Malta 03 - 04 July 2024
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Secretary General

Adm. Moukhtar Ammar


Mr. Panayiotis Varnavides

Vice Chairman

Capt. Essam Kamal Eltaweel

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PSCC25 Alexandria Egypt (17-19 October 2023)

PSCC24 Limassol Cyprus (10-12 October 2022)

MAB33 Malta (03-04 July 2024)

MAB32 Online (13 March 2024)

More than 25 Years for the Med MoU on PSC, inspected 80000+ Ships

Extensive efforts have been made by the member maritime authorities to provide the necessary resources, especially the qualified and experienced human resources (PSCOs), which have combined and harmonized for the Safety of navigation and prevention of pollution at the Mediterranean sea region.

Membership of Croatia

First of January 2024

From the first of January 2024, the Republic of Croatia will be full member to the Med MoU. Membership of Croatia will add an important coast line to our Memorandum in the Adriatic Sea. On behalf of the Chairman and all Member States the Med MoU Secretariat would like to welcome Croatia as the eleventh member state to the Med MoU.

25th PSC Committee Meeting

Egypt, Alexandria (17 - 19 October 2023)

The opening session started with a speech by R.Admiral. Hossain ElGeziry, Chairman of the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAFMS), in the presence of representatives of all maritime sectors in Egypt. R.Admiral. ElGeziry presented the Authority’s shields to all attendees in honor of their efforts in the maritime field.

Joint 2023 CIC on Fire Safety

1st September to 30th November 2023

Member States of the Med MoU participated in the 2023 CIC on Fire Safety jointly prepared by the Tokyo MoU and the Paris MoU on Port State Control. During the Campaign 1,479 PSC inspections conducted and 1,240 of those inspections conducted with CIC questionnaire (84%). 28 detention order issued, 16 detentions are recorded as a direct result of the CIC questionnaire.

Deep hyperlink with Paris MoU

May 2023

The Med MoU is using THETIS–Med as the official portal for recording inspections. THETIS–Med is a clone from THETIS system used by the Paris MoU, both systems are hosted and managed by EMSA. The Med MoU proposed to have a deep hyperlink between both systems, the Committee of the Paris MoU approved the proposal and starting from that date both systems have a deep hyperlink.

Observers and Partners

The Med MoU has established and maintained effective and close cooperation with observers, both at administrative and technical levels. Data exchange with parteners is alwayes current as well.


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