List of MAB and Committee Meetings

25th PSC Committee Meeting

The Twenty-Fifth Committee Meeting of the Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control here after named the “Committee” took place, in Alexandria, Egypt from 17th – 19th October 2023. The meeting was conducted using hybrid format, as some participant connected to the meeting using virtual means. The meeting was opened by the statement of Mr. Panayiotis Varnavides the Chairman of the Med MoU, who welcomed all the participants. Capt. Essam Kamal Eltaweel, Head of central administration of Egyptian PSC, has welcomed the Committee members and observers on behalf of the Maritime Authority of Egypt, the Hosting country.

List of Committee Meetings ...

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26th Committee08/10/202410/10/2024JordanAqaba
25th Committee17/10/202319/10/2023EgyptAlexandria
24th Committee10/10/202212/10/2022CyprusLimassol
23rd Committee9/11/202110/11/2021OnlineOnline
22nd Committee20/10/202021/10/2020OnlineOnline
21st Committee29/10/201931/10/2019MoroccoCasablanca
20th Committee12/9/201814/9/2018GeorgiaBatumi
19th Committee9/10/201711/10/2017CyprusLimassol
18th Committee25/10/201627/10/2016JordanAqaba
17th Committee27/10/201529/10/2015JordanAqaba

MAB32 Meeting

The Thirty-Second Management Advisory Board (MAB32) of the Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control took place on the 13th of March 2024 online via “Zoom Cloud Meeting”. The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Med MoU, Mr. Panayiotis Varnavides, who welcomed all the participants. Thereafter, an opening speech by the Med MoU Secretariat welcomed the participants and highlighted the topics of the MAB32 agenda.

List of MAB Meetings ...

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33rd MAB03/07/202404/07/2024MaltaLija
32nd MAB13/03/202413/03/2024OnlineOnline
31st MAB12/9/202312/9/2023OnlineOnline
30th MAB20/06/202320/06/2023OnlineOnline
29th MAB8/3/20238/3/2023OnlineOnline
28th MAB6/9/20226/9/2022OnlineOnline
27th MAB29/03/202229/03/2022OnlineOnline
26th MAB3/11/20213/11/2021OnlineOnline
25th MAB3/3/20213/3/2021OnlineOnline
24th MAB5/10/20205/10/2020OnlineOnline

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